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General Manager, Project Coordinator

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Property Maintenance, Airbnb Rentals

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Builder, Contractor

Assess property needs,
by determining your goals.

In this phase, we engage you and your team in a process of discovery to identify goals, determine needs and assess options for your property.

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Propose solutions,
by matching your needs.

In this phase we take what we have gathered from determining your objectives and assessing your needs by proposing solutions and ideas that will help your reach your goals.

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Plan course of action,
via a master strategic plan.

In this phase we synthesize the assessment and proposal phases, in order to develop a master plan that we feel will comprehensively assists you in reaching your property objectives.

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Finalize Agreement,
by signing off on master plan.

To make things official, in this phase we hold a meeting to make sure both client and service provider agree on the terms and execution of the strategic master plan.

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Implement Solutions,
by applying the master plan.

Finally, we are ready to implement solutions and deploy the strategic master plan. In this stage you will reap the rewards of a well thought out initiative.

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